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Linux: AllTray - контейнеризация приложений в трей


sudo apt-get install alltray


#Поместим в контейнер xsensors
alltray -st -stask "xsensors" &


usage: alltray [options] ["] <program_name> [program parameter] ["]

 where options include:
   --help; -h:  print this message
   --version; -v: print version
   --debug; -d: show debug messages
   --show; -s:  do not hide window after start
   --icon; -i  <path to png>: use this icon
   --large_icons; -l: allow large icons (> 24x24)
   --sticky; -st: visible on all workspaces
   --skip-taskbar; -stask: not visible in taskbar
   --borderless; -x: remove border, title, frame (if not supported native)
   --menu; -m: "menu text:command": add entry to popdown menu
   --title; -t <sec>: show tooltip with title for <sec> seconds after song change
   --geometry; -g [<width>x<height>][{+-}<x>{+-}<y>]: initial position (if not supported native)
   --key; -k [Modifier:]Key: Keyboard shortcut:
     Modifier="Shift", "Control", "Alt", "AltGr"
     Key (Examples) = "a", "F1", "End" ...
     or "Keycode" (Number) returned by the program "xev"
   --notray; -nt: display no tray icon (useful only with the "--key" option)
   --nominimize; -nm: click on window close button: do not minimize back to system tray, close
   --configure; -conf: show KDE configuration dialog
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